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About us

Organized by Sweden was founded in 2018 but restarted in the spring of 2022 and is now owned and run by Jens Backman and Jonas Eklund, both with solid experience from the furniture industry both in Sweden and internationally. With the restart, the business was moved to Limhamn in southern Sweden, where the office and showroom are now located.

The design follows a well-known and appreciated Scandinavian design tradition. The concept includes modern and high-quality products at affordable prices.

The design is made in collaboration with Hans Thyge & Co. They specialize mainly in furniture design and interior design but also work in graphic design. They have long and reputable experience and collaborate with brands such as Eilersen, Skagerak, Icons of Denmark and Andersen Furniture.

The storage systems are perfect for smart home and work environments. The concepts can be adapted to available space and are flexible and multifunctional and not least easy to assemble.

The products are packed in flat packages to provide a cost-effective supply chain from production, via warehouse shelf, to delivery to you.

Organised by Sweden´s supply chain

is based on partnerships with leading Swedish and northern European subcontractors that offer sustainable, traceable and cost-effective productions with high quality.

<tc>Our Vision</tc>

A flexible and expandable shelving system with
various components, functions and sizes. It can be built according to your own needs, needs and available space or based on ready-made combinations. In addition, it is easy to assemble. Do you want help? Contact us (info@organised.se).

Follow us on social media. More features, colors and systems will be added. We want to grow in a wise way based on thoughts from you as a user.

We take into account basic and everyday needs regarding storage both at home and at work. We are responsive and understand people's needs and wishes. In the same way, we respect the environment and the life around us.

We combine these basic requirements with a sustainable and timeless design. It is functional, comfortable and stylish. Without it costing the shirt.

The products are available on digital platforms and trading places, in our own webshop and on our social channels. These digital showrooms are complemented by traditional furniture stores.

The need for flexible and functional storage has no geographical limitations. Do you live outside Sweden and want our early warning system at home or at work?
Contact info@organised.se for more information.