Build your organized – organised Skip

Build your organized

Now you can build your organized online. All parts and models are available.

Build your ORGNZD here!

Do this:

  1. Click on "BUILD YOUR ORGNZD here!" above. A new window will open and you will have access to the digital tool.
  2. If you want, you can select the room type and color scheme by clicking on INTERIOR DESIGN and FINISHINGS respectively.
  3. The above steps can be skipped. Instead, click on PICTURE UP IN THE RIGHT CORNER to start building your combination right away.
  4. Click on the image with the ladders.
  6. Click on the desired size of ladder which is then placed centrally in the room.
  7. Click on the next step and place at the desired distance from the first step.
  8. Continue until the desired number of ladders is in place. It is no problem to delete, change or add gradually.
  10. Click on the devices and sizes you want. Hover the mouse over the red bar and place the device in the desired position.
  11. When you have finished your combination, you can easily change the color of ladders, cabinets or doors / drawers by selecting MATERIALS.
  12. By clicking on the symbol at the top right, you can choose to press NEW to start over, or press PDF to save (and / or print) your combination as a PDF . Here it is clear which parts are included in the combination, what dimensions your combination has and the total price including VAT.
  13. You can use the PDF as an order form when you contact your dealer (link to the ÅF list) or ORGNZD by Sweden directly (link to

If you would rather see video instructions click here!