REFERENCE PROJECT – organised Skip


Check out different customer projects and let the inspiration flow!

Add Simplicity and Jannice Wistrand's studio in Råå. The shelf blends perfectly into Jannice's very tastefully decorated studio in beautiful Råå outside Helsingborg.
Customer project designed by Jannice Wistrand Add Simplicity. Jannice quickly realized that Organized works great in many different situations and environments. At home or at work, for adults or children. The base is the need for storage and harmony. The rest is a matter of style and preference.
Showroom, EK PR & Communication on Västmannagatan in Stockholm. Here we combine utility with pleasure. EK PR needed functional storage and display. We needed to be seen.
Material shelf in conference room at Hans Thyge & Co's studio in Malling in Denmark. The shelf has come home, you could say. He and his team are behind the design of the shelving system.
Customer project designed by Killingyourdarlings in Täby outside Stockholm. This is just one of several home offices we have delivered to in the past year. Many people need a functional but stylish workplace that blends into the home environment.
Office & Showroom Organized by Sweden AB, Limhamn in Skåne. Home ground for us. Important to live as you learn.
TV and conversation room at DPJ Workspace, Stockholm. A place for conversation and pre-order. Stylish!
Entrance and dressing room at DPJ Workspace Stockholm. Order and tidy up the office with Organised's practical and simple clothes storage.
Hair salon Ssons|M on Ön in Limhamn, Skåne. Perfect storage for hair care products while creating a warm and tidy feeling in the salon.
The furniture masters in Aneby's winning competition entry in Organized's exhibition competition autumn 2022. Stylish and selling!
En monster-TV kräver en monster TV-bänk. Mycket snygg uppsättning i Cirkulär Interiörs showroom i Malmö.